PICCOLA DSCN2562Solmec Manufactures Rehandling machines on Wheels, Tracked and on Pedestal. Solmec are the market leader in rehandling in the Italian market and have gained an important po­sition throughout Europe. Versatility, reliability and Stability are the strength points that have made Solmec a major manufacturer in the material handling business. The Solmec machines are designed to work in Scrap Metal industry, Timber Yards and Sawmills, Waste Recycling Depots, Car Disman­tlers, Tanneries,


Solmec handling machines are made of first class components and materials, and obtained with a continuous updating of working process, and following the most rigid European laws in the matter of safety on work.

EXP 5030 FS piccola


In order to completely satisfy customers’ requests, Solmec has developed a complete range from 10 to 60 tons for a large and various offers for any request.

EXP 5015 WW

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