SOLMEC SpA, was born in 1960. It manufactures material handling machines o n wheels or tracks and stationary loading machines. Solmec was founded to satisfy the local market, (Northern Italy). The Company was immediately appreciated for its solutions always at the top of technology and for the high standard of its products, which can rely on high quality components and materials.

During the years, the company has always invested its financial resources to increase its range of products and to improve the services it offers to its customers. Today, Solmec Spa is one of the market leaders and it is known all over the world. Thanks to their versatility, Solmec machines can be used in steel mills, scrap industries, rubbish recycling, cars demolition, lumber mills, tanneries, ports and railways industries and all the activities that need any type of material handling in observance to the strict European security norms.

EXP 5020ZE Special Edition